With Alexa Auto, the connected home can be found in our cars

At the end of the year, Amazon this Alexa Auto SDK 4.0, its latest development kit for car manufacturers. A major update that brings the new presentation language Alexa (APL) of the Echo Show on the connected screens of our cars and offers, among other new features, the possibility of manage your connected home with Alexa from its infotainment system.

A new graphical interface for Alexa Car

A few months after Echo Show, the development kit Alexa Auto SDK 4.0 in turn receives the new presentation language Alexa (APL). Designed to provide more flexible multimodal experiences for devices Alexa with screens, APL allows Alexa adapt the display of the infotainment system according to thevehicle driving condition (on the move or at a standstill) or lighting conditions (day or night).

With this new kit, Amazon continues to simplify the work of automakers by allowing them to choose from different color themes without having to develop them themselves. A saving of time and resources for the latter who will be able, in addition, to offer multimodal experiences without creating additional distractions for drivers.

Ford integrates Amazon Alexa in his cars

More local information

The local information benefits from more comfort of navigation, Alexa now being able to bring always more information on a point of interest (POI) andadapt the amount of detail on the screen depending on the driving situation. This way, the driver will only see key things like address and travel time when driving, but will have access to much more data when stationary. Large buttons will also allow you to act with your fingertips without having to pronounce a voice command. Like connected speakers, the multimodal experience takes precedence over voice control alone.

The connected home in our cars

The second functionality provided by Amazon concerns the connected home. Noting that its customers mainly use Alexa to interact with their smart home devices, Amazon extend the experience Smart Home even in the passenger compartment of our vehicles.

Alexa can now display visual confirmation and enables basic tactile control of home automation devices from the vehicle's infotainment screen. For example, if you ask « Alexa, turn on the porch light ", a visual map appears on the screen, showing you the current state of the light with the ability to control it. An experience similar to that of the Echo Show devices, but adapted to the automotive environment with large up / down arrows instead of the sliders available in the home environment. The experience Smart Home APL will support lights, switches and sockets, as well as connected thermostats current 2022.

In one article on the subject, Amazon specifies that « Smart Home and Local Info are just the start of what we have planned using APL for Auto. We are looking forward to introduce more domains to customers ofAlexa Auto, including weather, productivity, extended smart home support, news / information, communication and even third party skills in the future. "

More interactions with the driver

For vehicles incorporating Alexa Custom Assistant, a new feature also allows OEM skills to exchange data with Alexa. For example, if a check engine light comes on, the driver might ask "What's wrong with my car?" " and the assistant will answer him “Your check engine light is on due to an oxygen sensor failure. » Even better, Alexa will then offer to make an appointment at the garage or can simply call it back and add it to a to-do list.

Last but not least, Amazon introduces a named feature Share My ETA which, as the name suggests, allows the driver to easily share your arrival time at your destination using Alexa. It is thus possible to broadcast an announcement on any Echo device or to send a message to a contact via the application. Alexa or by SMS.

Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.