Aqara FP1: a finally intelligent presence sensor?

Lumi United Co. has just launched its new Aqara Human Presence Sensor FP1. Unveiled last May on the occasion of the keynote annual brand, this new generation human presence sensor incorporates a millimeter wave radar capable of detecting the presence of a body with a precision unmatched in the consumer home automation market. A new product which should soon land on the European market ...

Aqara unveils many new features

Aqara FP1: finally a presence sensor

The new Aqara FP1 We had seen a demonstration during the announcement of the new Aqara 2021 finally arrives on the market. Relatively large compared to the motion detector Aqara Motion Sensor, this human presence sensor uses a technology very different from conventional infrared sensors.

Indeed, where a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor will be content to detect a change in positive or negative potential of the infrared light of its environment, the Aqara FP1 sensor implements a millimeter wave radar of 60 GHz. A well-known technology already widely used in the automotive industry which will here make it possible to truly detect a presence and not a simple movement, over 120 degrees and up to 5 meters.

Concretely, where a motion sensor will simply turn on the light when you enter a room and turn it off after a while, the mmWave radar will be able to tell if you are still there, even when you are still. You can, for example, stay lying down for long minutes in your bath without worrying that the sensor will turn off the light in the bathroom. And, when you leave the room, the light will turn off automatically.

Better yet, the new Aqara FP1 sensor is able toappreciate the distances and  positioning of a person in the space. This makes it possible to considerably widen the spectrum of use of such a device with, in addition to the capacity of detect human presence, the possibility of defining actions according to the direction of movement. Thus, you can determine specific actions, such as turning on the light when entering a room and turning it off when leaving the same room. Convenient, isn't it?


A wired ZigBee 3.0 sensor

Using the ZigBee 3.0 protocol, the Aqara FP1 sensor obviously requires a gateway such as the Aqara Hub M2 and M1S, and has the particularity of being wired. Unlike the majority of the brand's other devices, this time it is not powered by a simple battery, probably due to too much consumption of the mmWave radar.

A radar which can be optimally oriented thanks to an articulated support which is reminiscent of that of the Aqara G2H camera and which will be the opportunity for the Chinese company to deploy a major update to its Aqara Home application scheduled for January. Many new features are expected, but we will come back to them in a future article.

Compatible Alexa and Google Assistant, the device will also be integrated into HomeKit from the end of January. As for the gateways of our home automation boxes, there is no doubt that it will also soon be possible to integrate them ...

Already available on the brand's official store, the new human presence sensor Aqara FP1 is priced at 399 yuan in China, either about 55 euros, and should soon be available in Europe. We can't wait to test it!
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