Aqara automates the opening of your blinds

Lumi United Technology announces the arrival of a new product in Europe: its Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1. With this device connected in ZigBee, the Chinese company offers to automate the opening of your venetian or roller blinds. A connected object that you can of course control with your favorite voice assistant or your favorite home automation box ...

Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1: control your blinds with ZigBee

Practices, venetian or roller blinds allow you to block the sun's rays as well as to offer yourself a little privacy, but at the time of the connected house, it seems almost anachronistic to still have to handle them by hand! As an automation enthusiast, the idea of ​​controlling them like your roller shutters may have already crossed your mind, but it is clear that besides Bluetooth devices, solutions are lacking… This is why Aqara has decided to offer a ZigBee solution named Roller Shade Driver E1.

Like the SwitchBot Curtain which allows you to close your curtains on a rod, the Roller Shade Driver E1 from Aqara automates your roller or venetian blinds, while retaining manual control thanks to its two buttons.

A system at installation as simple as it is fast since it is enough to screw or stick the device with the adhesive (supplied) to your wall, to insert the beaded chain (or not) of your roller blind and the driver will be ready to be connected to the application Aqara Home.

Four adapters for different types of chains are provided, which makes it possible to use the Roller Shade Driver E1 with the majority of beaded chain shades, but not only as we will see shortly in a full test ...

Another advantage, this ZigBee roller blind pilot is completely wireless since it has an internal battery offering 2 months autonomy about. Then all you have to do is recharge it using its USB Type-C cable, unless you prefer to power it permanently… Everyone has their own preference!

Driver E1 supports ZigBee 3.0 protocol and maybe related to any Aqara Hub, but also at the gateway of a home automation box such as Home Assistant, Homey Pro, or the very last one Jeedom atlas that we presented earlier this morning. It is also compatible with major ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.

The pilot for store Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 is offered across the Channel at price of £ 59.99, or around € 69. To celebrate its launch, Aqara is offering a 15% discount on his shop Amazon UK with the promo code RSDE1PR1. An offer will be valid until September 24th, 2021. It should also happen on Amazon France in the coming weeks and subsequently be available through authorized Aqara resellers in Europe such as Domadoo.
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