Amazon would work on a refrigerator connected to Alexa

Barely a week after the announcement of new products Amazon Echo 2021, here are new rumors leaking about a device that we all have in our homes and that the company aims to offer us: a refrigerator connected to Alexa !

A refrigerator connected to Alexa in the catalog ofAmazon?

After microwave Amazon Basics, Fire TV televisions and more recently a connected thermostat, Amazon seems to want to continue its offensive on the connected home and, more particularly, on household appliances.

Amazon Smart Thermostat: control your temperature with Alexa

According to Business Insider, decidedly still very well informed, the company founded by Jeff Bezos has been working for two years on a smart refrigerator integrating Alexa.

Like the Samsung Family Hubs already offering Alexa, refrigeratorAmazon should logically embark the voice assistant and offer a connected screen allowing to control our equally connected homes and to communicate as we will soon be able to do with the new wall tablet Echo Show 15.

But the added value of such a device would probably still be elsewhere for the company which would obviously wish to connect it to its online sales platform, the idea being to allow the fridge Alexa to be able to monitor your food stocks and warn you when a food is going to expire… And of course to determine your purchasing habits in order to predict what you need and deliver it to you on time!

Indeed, the e-commerce giant already offers a wide range in its online grocery, but also fresh products in its stores Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh in the United States, and would like with this everyday device to further strengthen its presence in the sector. The interest of such a device is therefore quite obvious ...

Appointed ProjectPulse, the project would have according to Business Insider already cost $ 50 million and would involve both teams ofAmazon Fresh and Lab126, although a spokesperson forAmazon told The Verge yesterday he didn't want to comment "Rumors or speculations" concerning this umpteenth leak.

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