Amazon Smart Thermostat: control your temperature with Alexa

He is one of the stars of the connected home and the e-commerce giant has understood this well by offering us its Amazon Smart Thermostat. Easy to install, it obviously works directly with Alexa and promises you energy savings.

Amazon Smart Thermostat: Alexa allows you to save energy

Amazon announced last year its intention to offer products that are more favorable to the planet. In this, to propose a connected thermostat compatible with his voice assistant seemed logical. Directly controllable in the in-house application within the energy dashboard, this device promises to save energy and also benefits from the American Energy Star label which makes it eligible for aid in the United States.

Designed with Honeywell, specialist in the field, the new Amazon Smart Thermostat is based on its Home Thermostat technology which can be used to control both gas heaters them air conditioning systems, but unfortunately not with electric heaters. It connects to wire C of an existing 24V thermostat and then connects to the home network with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. To configure it, nothing could be simpler, just open its application and pair it like any other device. Amazon Echo.

Very easy to use, it only has three buttons: temperature +, temperature -, Select / Mod. Settings that you will obviously find in the application Alexa and that you can perform by voice using simple voice commands.

A truly intelligent thermostat thanks to Alexa

The most interesting is probably its compatibility with Alexa Hunches. A feature still reserved for the United States that allows the voice assistant to make decisions based on his “intuitions”.

When your phone leaves your home area and no one is interacting with it Alexa for a while, the assistant may have the intuition that no one is home and decide to lower the heating in winter or the air conditioning in summer. If she doesn't see any activity at night, she can assume that everyone is sleeping and select the appropriate mode. Better yet, if you tell him « Alexa, good night " or even « Alexa, I leave ", no more doubts and it applies your preferences in the matter.

Indeed, if Alexa learns alone from your daily interactions thanks to its artificial intelligence, you can obviously define which temperatures it must apply and program modes, as on everything connected thermostat who respects himself.

Offered to only 59.99 € in the United States,Amazon Smart Thermostat with Alexa will be available very soon. We do not yet know if its marketing is planned in Europe, but there is no doubt that it could meet with some success there ...
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