Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor: measure your air quality with Alexa !

Amazon just announced a surprising product named Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor, an air quality monitor that accurately measures the presence of particles, allergens and toxins inside our homes, and intends to provide us with daily advice to improve our health.

With Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor, the quality of the air you breathe will no longer have any secrets!

It is an outing which had not been the subject of any announcement during the keynote Amazon Devices & Services 2021 ! To everyone's surprise, the e-commerce giant has indeed launched a new compatible device Alexa : Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor.

As the name suggests, it is neither more nor less than a air quality sensor. An obviously intelligent sensor, and therefore connected to Alexa, which intends to help you monitor the air you breathe.

Indeed, as confirmed by a recent EPA report (the American Air Quality Agency), we spend a large part of our time indoors… The problem is that the air we breathe there is 2 to 5 times more polluted than in outdoor environments.

With Smart Air Quality Monitor, a compact sensor 6,5 cm side and 4,5 cm high, the lens ofAmazon is therefore to help us live in healthier and more comfortable homes, very simply since it will suffice for us to question our voice assistant.

A captor Alexa which measures humidity, temperature, CO, VOC and PM!

Where the new Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor surprisingly, it measures almost everything: particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. What makes some products out of date, such as the air quality sensor from Netatmo! And many others…

Better yet, it is to date the only air quality sensor capable of inform you directly with Alexa via a notification on your smartphone, or even with an ad on your Pregnant Amazon Echo, which allows you to react immediately by opening a window or turning on an air purifier for example.

You can obviously create routines or just ask Alexa to tell you the air quality in your home, or obtain more detailed information on air quality from your Echo Show 8 (and all other models) or to the app Alexa.

This lets you know how to change your habits, like keeping the window open during the day, cleaning your air vents, or adding a connected air purifier into a room. Little things that have a impact on your air quality over time and which can help you very simply create a healthier living environment. Awesome, isn't it?

Available today for pre-order, the air quality sensor Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is available at 79.99 €. A price that may seem high but which, given the large number of measured parameters is actually particularly interesting. We will obviously not fail to test it soon in its smallest details ...

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July 1, 2022 23:52 a.m.
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