Amazon offers a male voice for Alexa !

In September 2019, Amazon had announced that he intended to bring new voices to Alexa, and not just any since several celebrities had been approached for this purpose. After proposing that of Samuel L. Jackson, the Seattle giant has just announced on his blog the launch of two experiments with two very famous personalities in the United States, Melissa McCarthy and Shaquille O'Neal. Beyond this fun experience which will undoubtedly remain reserved for American customers, Amazon brings more a male voice named Ziggy and a new eponymous wake-up call!

Ziggy: the male voice ofAlexa

Since yesterday, American users ofAlexa can now choose between the original voice ofAlexa et a new male voice named Ziggy. The assistant is activated, quite logically, with the same wake-up word. A "wake word" nevertheless interchangeable since you can also use it while keeping the female voice ofAlexa. And vice versa, moreover, Ziggy simply adding to the list which already includes Alexa, Computer, Echo or even Amazon.

Obviously, you can imagine, this voice is not yet only available in the United States, but it is very likely thatAmazon We also offer a French-speaking one more or less long term. In the meantime, you can discover Ziggy using an account or in the snippet below.

Alexa also offers two new American voices

And that's not all! Indeed, Melissa McCarthy, American actress revealed a few years ago by the Gilmore Girls series, and Shaquille O'Neal, former NBA player crowned three league titles with the Los Angeles Lakers, were chosen by Amazon to lend their voices to new experiences Alexa.

“I am so excited to join the family Alexa » declared Melissa McCarthy for whom " vsIt was such a fun experience working on this project. » Just as "Excited to be part of the experience Alexa », Shaquille O'Neal warned “Shaq is in the house bouncing your speakers. Boumshakalaka! "

The two celebrities bring their own personalities to the American version ofAlexa. If you have a US account, just say " Hey melissa " or " Hey shaq »To get the last one weather report with their voices, hear a joke or hear a personal story.

US users can ask Shaq to show off his musical talents by saying “ Hey Shaq, rap for me Or Melissa to tell them a funny story by asking " Hey Melissa, tell me a story ».

These celebrity voices are, on the other hand, paying off since it is necessary to pay the very reasonable sum of $ 4.99 for each in order to take advantage of it. As few of you will surely enjoy these fun experiences on our side of the Atlantic, we invite you to discover them in the excerpts below.


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