Amazon offers a facelift to its Echo Show!

Amazon has just announced, to everyone's surprise, two new versions of its Echo Show 5 and 8. Two “2nd generation 2021” models which, unlike their predecessor Echo Show 10, do not really upset the codes and fall under the simple facelift, not to say the injection of botox ...

Echo Show 5 (2021): a second generation in line with the first

At first glance, it does not break the codes. The new Echo Show 5 (2nd generation 2021) presents a design very similar to that of the previous generation with still a 5.5 inch compact screen. Also measuring 148 x 86 x 73 mm for a featherweight of 410 grams, we don't know anything about its screen resolution which always appears to be 720p. The novelty would therefore be the only resolution of its camera which goes from 1 Mpx to 2 Mpx. Nothing crazy at first glance, except that this new camera has automatic framing features. Like an Echo Show 10 or a Portal from Facebook, the new camera will follow you so that you are always clearly visible to your interlocutor. Not bad ! We also note a new rather nice dark blue color.

The new Echo Show 5 (2nd generation) is available in pre-order at 84.99 € and will be released on June 9, 2021.


Echo Show 8 (2021): a second generation in line with the first

It's a bit the same with the new Echo Show 8 (2nd generation 2021) : he always measures 200.4 x 135.9 x 99.1 mm, still weighs 1 kg and wheelbarrows, and still offers an 8-inch screen a priori always in 720p. Equipped with a slightly more powerful Mediatek MT8183 chip (against Mediatek MT 8163 on the 1st generation), its camera nevertheless undergoes a big boost in resolution with 13 Mpx (against 2 Mpx previously) in order, probably, to always better fulfill its role screen for videoconferencing! Here too, the optics are able to move horizontally and vertically so that you can always see perfectly framed in the image.
The new Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) is available in pre-order at 129.99 € and will be released on June 9, 2021.
Echo Show 10: the screen connected to Alexa has its effect!
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