Amazon Music HD: "lossless" or music without loss of quality

We mentioned it a few months ago, it is now done: Amazon has just launched an HD option withinAmazon Music Unlimited. For now only available in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany, this option allows you to benefit from a "lossless" quality, or lossless in the language of Molière.

Music HD: high resolution audio at Amazon Music

With already 50 million tracks available in CD quality (in FLAC 44,1 kHz / 16 bit format) either the entire catalog, and several million titles in “Ultra HD” (FLAC 192 kHz / 24 bits), Amazon makes a big splash in the hi-res music industry.

Logically, the HD offer ofAmazon Music should be marketed at dollar / euro parity with a price of € 14,99 / month for the individual Unlimited offer with HD option  and € 19,99 / month in version Unlimited Family with HD option, i.e. 5 € more per month than current offers. Furthermore, Amazon will probably grant a rebate to its Prime subscribers, as is the case in the United States where they will pay $ 2 less after a free trial of 90 days.

A price positioning that is at least interesting compared to the competition, the equivalent at Deezer and Qobuz being billed € 19,99 / month. Amazon would thus try to catch up with its competitors and maintain its strong growth, the largest in the sector as we indicated to you this summer.

A move upmarket to attract a niche audience

Obviously, this offer is not intended for fans of Jul, but rather for fans of more specialized music such as jazz, classical or rock, to name a few. An older audience, with more purchasing power and quality Hi-Fi audio equipment, as we mentioned the head of hardware partnerships at Qobuz, a French music service that has positioned itself in this niche market from the start.

Indeed, the hardware used is undoubtedly a key element in the adoption of high resolution streaming. As the Les Echos website points out, si "For now, the majority of listening is done on the move, via headphones not necessarily adapted to capture all the nuances of sound offered by" hi-res "", the development of high-end connected speakers such as Sonos One or connected Hi-Fi amplifiers such as Denon X series ou Yamaha MusicCast should lead more and more music lovers to turn to high resolution audio.

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