Amazon updates its application Alexa for Windows

Definitely, the novelties are linked and are not alike! After adding "connected home" favorites, the imminent arrival of a conversation mode and new sounds detected, Amazon just deployed a app update Alexa for Windows.

A notable development which, as you will see, brings in particular a home automation dashboard pleasant to use, but also the famous Show mode.

Alexa for Windows: a convincing update

Without a big announcement, Amazon just deployed a update Alexa for Windows 10 and 11. Available for a few years now, the application had already undergone a major overhaul in recent months, gaining in fluidity and functionality, but this new iteration now goes further by offering a more convincing experience than ever allowing you to use a computer like an Echo Show !

In writing, we also find the integration so successful that we would almost come to prefer the use of a PC to that of an Echo Show! That is to say…

"A more convincing experience than ever"

Indeed, in addition to a nice design, application Alexa for Windows offers a more than appreciable fluidity. A responsiveness that is unfortunately still lacking in our Echo Show 5 or 8, although all hopes are still high for Echo Show 10, and especially for the new Echo Show 15 which should not be too late to point the tip of his nose. In the meantime, let's discover this novelty together for PC users.

The application Alexa is available on Xbox, Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher and Windows 11. Use requires a keyboard, mouse and microphone, the webcam being optional.

How to use Alexa under Windows?

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store via a browser or directly with the application integrated into Windows 10 such as Windows 11,
  2. Look for theapplication Alexa and click on "install",
  3. Launch it and inform your identifiers Amazon,
  4. Click on the button " To start " here we go !
You can now use your Windows PC as an Echo Show! Finally, provided that its screen is touch-sensitive, otherwise you will have to use the mouse or the trackpad.

Turn your PC into an Echo Show

Thanks to a new visual design, the application Alexa for Windows allows you to see more things. You can thus manage your alarms, reminders and lists, as you would with your speakers or your mobile.

You find your favorite music service with the possibility of listening your music favorite, but also radio stations, podcasts or alternatively Audible books.

Like your mobile application, Alexa On Windows can be used to communicate: send messages, make calls, videoconference or even launch announcements on all speakers of the House !

A practical home automation dashboard

The most attractive is in our opinion the home automation dashboard. You can indeed find all of your compatible connected objects Alexa on a dashboard which is reminiscent of that of the Echo Show, but also of the Homey home automation box and to a lesser extent Apple HomeKit.

Except that, unlike our connected screens, navigation here is very fluid and actions take place without latency. This is very appreciable and it undoubtedly bodes well for the imminent arrival of the new interface expected with Echo Show 15.

Tip: you can zoom to enlarge or reduce the size of the thumbnails by doing Ctrl + Zoom.
Echo Show 15: the wall shelf Alexa becomes reality!

It is obviously always easy to consult Echo Show cameras, connected doorbells and webcams. A single click opens a window with live.

Show Mode for Windows

Finally, as we announced to you above, the big novelty of the week concerns the arrival of a Show mode on Windows similar to the one we know from our connected screens. Available with a single click, you can configure it so that it is displayed automatically when your computer is on standby.

Intended to replace it, the Show mode allows you to query Alexa at any time, even if the computer is locked. You can exit it with a simple mouse gesture or after entering the operating system password.

In conclusion, you will understand, we are totally fans of this update Alexa for Windows. The Show mode brings a real plus to the application and the home automation dashboard has become practical and pleasant to use. We are all the more delighted that this gives us hope for such a smooth experience on Echo Show 15 expected very soon in Europe, its official release being already set for December 9 in the United States, Canada and our almost British neighbors.

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July 6, 2022 2:51 a.m.
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