Amazon updates Echo Show for Sticky Notes

During the presentation of his new Echo Show 15 to the media, Amazon told us that the update of older versions of its connected screens was imminent. There she is ! Echo Show 5 / 8 and 10 can now display Notes and Sticky Notes Alexa. Will we have the right to a more complete interface soon?

Echo Show Update for Notes and Sticky Notes Alexa

The sticky notes Alexa are very practical elements that arrived with Echo Show 15. Capable of displaying widgets, the latest addition to the range benefits from a whole new customizable interface. Unfortunately, if it were possible to display these notes saying " Alexa, what are my grades on older generations, these were of little interest since they were not displayed on their own. But the whole point of a Post-it is precisely that our eyes rest on it without us having to ask. That is why Amazon updated our old devices to provide them with this functionality.

Be careful, don't get carried away too quickly, it is not the same interface as on Echo Show 15. However, a new screen now displays the notes in rotation and we must admit that it is rather practical. Only problem, you will no longer have an excuse if you forget something!

To update Echo Show:

  1. Go to Parameters ;
  2. Select Device options ;
  3. Go down to "Check for software updates" ;
  4. Update if it has not already been done alone.
We have successfully tested the feature on Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 on Fire OS (1st and 2nd generations), but also on Echo Show 10 on Fire OS and Echo Show 2 with Fire OS

To view notes and sticky notes on Alexa :

  1. Open your application Alexa ;
  2. Press Lower right ;
  3. Select Lists and Notes ;
  4. Create a note and pin it on the desired devices.

Compatible devices

All devices Amazon Echo currently marketed are compatible with this functionality.

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