Amazon Fire TV receives the connected home dashboard fromAlexa

Amazon just announced the arrival of connected home dashboardAlexa on Fire TV. This interface, well known to users of the voice assistant, makes it possible to control your home automation at your fingertips on Echo Show, and now with a simple remote control on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube…

Your connected home on Fire TV

After a major overhaul last year, Amazon deploys today a update of the Fire TV interface bringing the connected home dashboardAlexa.

Already available in the United States and Canada, this new screen allows users of the streaming system to view and control their connected objects from the comfort of their sofa.

If it was already possible to issue voice commands to Alexa, Amazon now lets pilot his " Smart Home »From Fire TV using a simple remote control. An interface that is reminiscent of that of the application Alexa for Windows and which clearly testifies to the desire of the Seattle firm to put our televisions at the center of our connected homes.

Fire TV: display responses Alexa and Ring notifications

In addition to displaying cameras and video doorbells in full screen or in Picture-in-Picture mode, the connected home dashboardAlexa also allows you to control your lighting, turn on or off a connected outlet, start your vacuum cleaning robot or even lock your connected lock. Amazon promises the possibility of controlling its heating using the new Amazon Smart Thermostat or any other compatible thermostat Alexa, as well as many other novelties for 2022 ...

How do I view the connected home dashboard on Fire TV?

As the update is rolling out in the US and Canada, you likely won't be able to use it right away if you live in Europe. Nevertheless, the functionality should not be long in arriving, the voice command already causing an errorAlexa, proof that the voice assistant understands the request but cannot yet carry it out.

To display the new dashboard, nothing could be simpler, just say « Alexa, show me my connected home dashboard ». You will then see an interface appear that is probably familiar to you if you have Echo Show connected displays.

Compatible hardware

While waiting for the arrival in Europe of TVs Amazon Fire TV, the feature will be available on all devices with the (not really) new Fire TV interface. Introduced just a year ago, it brings more fluidity and a personalized experience for each member of the family. It is available on all devices currently marketed.

Amazon Fire TV: discover the new interface!
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