Amazon and Netflix join forces around recommendations with Alexa on Fire TV

Netflix and Amazon have just announced their collaboration aroundAlexa with "Play Something", the algorithm-based recommendation system of the streaming service. Thanks to this feature, the two web giants intend to simplify the choices of their users ...

Fire TV: Netflix's "Play Something" feature available via Alexa

After testing Netflix Direct in France, the streaming giant continues its quest for new experiences to offer its customers, between linear and on-demand broadcasting. A need expressed by users, often in difficulty to select content from the huge catalog of the service.

« Deciding what to watch isn't easy when you have so many great options to choose from. We are donationc delighted to partner with Fire TV to integrate voice technology Alexa to the Netflix Play Something feature »Declared Magno Herran, Director of Marketing Partnerships at Netflix.

Launched last April, Netflix's "Play Something" is therefore now available on Amazon Fire TV, in the United States and Canada only for now. Hitherto offered as a single button on web and Android apps, the functionality allowing users to watch content based on their reading habits will be available through a simple voice command Alexa.

For her part, Charlotte Maines, director ofAmazon Fire TV, notes that "Fire TV customers who use voice interact with content almost twice as much as those who don't" before specifying that with Fire TV and Play Something, the two services will be able to “Quickly help customers find the TV show or movie that's right for them. "

Netflix COO Greg Peters explained earlier this year that this is a "Excellent mechanism which worked very well for members in this situation", with users often launching the service without really knowing what they want to watch.

Amazon bet a lot on Fire TV

After unveiling last September a range of Fire TV televisions, Amazon continues to develop its offer of entertainment withAlexa and enrich it with services such as Disney +, Pluto TV or more recently the live TV on Fire TV.

Based on Android TV, the system Amazon Fire TV can be easily installed on any TV with an HDMI socket with an entry ticket for only 29.99 euros. Very popular with users for its voice commands, it can connect all screens and provide them with a frequently updated operating system, where manufacturers of Smart TV often fish by a lack of follow-up of their products ...


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