Amazon Echo : a radar in the next enclosures Alexa ?

This is something you already know if you're using a smartwatch or the new Google Nest Hub: sleep tracking. According to Bloomberg, which reveals the information, Amazon would prepare a similar feature on a future speaker Alexa and should integrate a radar in its devices ...

A radar to control Alexa with simple gestures

The information comes to us once again from the FCC, the famous federal communications commission, to which Amazon asked on June 22 for authorization to market a device using a radar. According to the e-commerce giant, its technology would allow capture movement in three dimensions, and will offer the user the ability to control the functionality of his pregnant Amazon Echo using simple gestures and movements.

Echo Show 5 (2021): a 2nd generation focused on video

An Echo Show with sleep tracking?

This radar would allow, in particular, people " having problems with mobility, speech or touch »To use the smart displays Alexa and would also be used to monitor sleep. “The use of radar sensors in the sleep tracking could improve sleep hygiene awareness and management, which in turn could produce significant health benefits for many Americans ” thus declares Amazon in his file. " The radar sensors will allow consumers to recognize potential sleep problems. "

An interesting feature which is reminiscent of the last one Nest Hub and its Soli radar which allows Google Assistant to detect any disturbances, ranging from nocturnal awakenings to sleep apnea, through simple snoring or changes in light and temperature in the bedroom.

It remains to be seen which device will embed this device. Amazon just renewed its Echo Show 5 and 8, would it be a new reference? We will probably have the answer in September on the occasion of the always eagerly awaited Amazon Devices Event.

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