Stereo Tutorial: Amazon Echo, The two make a pair !

We announced it to you a few months ago, the information was confirmed last month with the announcement of the new devices in the Echo range, here it is: THE STEREO !!! One week before the launch of Echo Sub, the new Echo Plus and Echo Dot, you can now use two second generation Echo and enjoy stereo sound. Thanks to the members of our Facebook community for their insight!

Configure stereo on Amazon Echo :

  1. Open your application Alexa,
  2. Go in "Devices Alexa »
  3. Select a device 2nd generation Echo (or 2nd generation Echo Plus),
  4. In category "Connected devices", to select "Create a set of speakers",
  5. Follow the instructions configuration.
  6. Enjoying stereo with Amazon Music Unlimited for example.


Stereo is better with bass!

If you are the proud owner of two 2nd generation Echo's and are delighted with their stereo rendering, just imagine what you could have with a Echo Sub! Yes, a subwoofer for your Echos 2 !!!

His characteristics :

  • Echo Sub delivers 100W dynamic bass sound through a 152mm down-fire speaker.
  • Pair Echo Sub with an Echo or Echo Plus device (sold separately) to enjoy dynamic music that fills the room with rich sound.
  • Pair Echo Sub with two identical Echo devices for rich left / right stereo sound.
  • Easy to set up and use - just plug in Echo Sub, open the app Alexa and connect Echo Sub to one or more Echo devices to control your music with a simple voice command.


What there is to know :

Echo Sub must be paired with a compatible Echo device. To get optimal left / right sound, you need to pair Echo Sub with two devices Echo (2th generation) or two devices Echo Plus (2nd generation). The use of Echo Sub is not optimized for other Echo devices or devices with Alexa built-in, and does not support video playback.

Echo Sub on Amazon. Fr.



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