Amazon celebrates 7 years ofAlexa with anniversary prizes!

Alexa is 7 years old! As you will know, the voice assistant ofAmazon was officially born on November 6, 2014 in the United States, before arriving in France on June 13, 2018. It is therefore his American birthday thatAmazon invites us to celebrate with some good plans on its connected speakers with which you can either add Alexa in new rooms of your home, or simply discover it.

If you are already using it, don't forget to wish it a "Happy Birthday". Still as playful as ever, your assistant will suggest that you celebrate it on D-Day and will reserve a little surprise for you… Probably in song!

Echo Dot 3: the speaker Alexa for all rooms

It is the most popular model, the one that allows you to discover Alexa and the many possibilities it offers. Now with a fabric design and featuring a 41mm speaker for a richer and more powerful sound than its predecessors, Echo Dot 3 is a connected speaker with Alexa, voice controlled and designed for any room in the house. Request music, news, information and more. You can also call anyone who has an Echo device, the app Alexa or Skype, and control your compatible connected devices with a simple voice command.

In this anniversary week, Amazon Echo Dot 3 is proposed to 24.99 € instead of 59.99 €, be one 50% discount allowing you tosave 25 €.

Echo Dot 4: always more powerful and cuter

Appeared less than a year ago, the new Echo Dot 4 surprised as much as it seduced with its new design spherical that fits better than ever with our contemporary interiors. On the sound side, this new version is also improved compared to the previous generation, with more marked highs and less omnipresent bass for an overall more balanced sound.

Usually offered at € 59.99, Amazon Echo Dot 4 is on sale today at 39.99 € be one 33% discount allowing you tosave 20 €.
Test Amazon Echo Dot 4: a cozy connected ball

Echo 4: the spearhead of the range

New look, new sound, Amazon  Echo 4 collects all the votes with this fourth edition which ticks all the boxes. With his design as cute as it is modern and audio in clear progress allowing both enjoyable music listening or use in home cinema with Fire TV efficient, the emblematic speaker ofAlexa is paid in addition to the luxury of a ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy hub which make it the perfect object to indulge in the joys of home automation. We also gave it the highest rating ever given to a connected speaker!

Usually offered at € 99.99, Amazon Echo 4 is on sale today at 74.99 € be one 25% discount allowing you tosave 25 €.
Test Amazon Echo 4: more beautiful, more powerful, more complete!

Echo Show 5 (2021): the 2nd generation of the connected screen

Echo Show 5 (2021) connects to Alexa to show you vivid pictures on a 5,5 ”screen with rich, crisp sound. Its compact design adapts to any room in the house. Follow the lyrics on screen with Amazon Music, set alarms and timers, watch news and trailers, check the weather and traffic before you go out and use the best skills for Echo Show.

For the birthday ofAlexa, Amazon Echo show 5 is proposed to 54.99 € instead of 84.99 €, be one 35% discount allowing you tosave 30 €.
Echo Show 5: the smart

Echo Show 8: first or second generation?

As with the previous model, this connected screen uses Alexa to deliver rich stereo sound with vivid images on an 8 ”HD screen. In writing, he's our new favorite, as we explained to you in our full testAmazon Echo Show 8 (2019) :

“With this brand new Echo Show 8, many users ofAlexa will finally be able to afford the pleasure of a connected screen on a daily basis. Video skills, home automation control, entertainment and web browsing are much more comfortable there than on Echo Show 5. Its screen is also the most beautiful of the range since it offers a magnificent HD resolution with shimmering colors and allows you to watch comfortably videos. The sound part has also been particularly neat and we like to listen to all kinds of music or radio. Finally, Echo Show 8 obviously allows you to control your home automation with your finger, eye and voice. "The Alexians

For the 7 years ofAlexa, Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019) is proposed to 64.99 € instead of 109.99 €, be one 41% discount allowing you tosave 45 €.

If you are a heavy videoconferencing user, you can also opt for the second generation. Indeed, Echo Show 8 (2021) now offers a 13 Mpx super camera for much sharper images with a very powerful automatic framing feature.

For the 7 years ofAlexa, Amazon Echo Show 8 (2019) is priced at 64.99 € instead of 109.99 €, that is a 41% discount allowing you to save 45 €.
Echo Show 8: the ideal connected screen for Alexa ?

The Fire TV range also on sale!

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