Amazon reveals his spot Alexa for the Super Bowl

Amazon has just unveiled its now traditional Super Bowl commercial starring actress Scarlett Johansson, her husband Colin Jost, and of course her voice assistant Alexa. A humorous advertisement that we invite you to discover below.

Was it Alexa read our minds?

After Michael Jordan in 2021, Amazon has chosen this year to stage Scarlett Johansson et Colin Jost in its Super Boxl LVI commercial. Spectators of the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will indeed be able to discover an amusing advertisement featuring Amazon Alexa with the Hollywood couple.

In anticipation of game night, Colin Jost had fun preparing a routine Alexa which he wants to demonstrate to his wife before D-Day. After launching video streaming on Fire TV, lowering the blinds in the living room, Alexa starts the cooling of the rosé wine in the connected wine cellar. Scarlett Johansson notes that one could almost believe that the voice assistant is able to read his thoughts.

The couple then imagines several scenes of daily life where it could be more than embarrassing... We let you discover the rest and imagine what you could do in these conditions.

Guide Alexa : all about Amazon Echo !

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