Amazon Astro: the first domestic robot with Alexa !

Vesta is finally called Amazon Astro!

We hoped for it, we expected it, we wanted it! Amazon did it for us and today presents us the very first domestic robot with Alexa. Named Astro, this device is an undeniable revolution… What am I saying? It's a childhood dream that finally comes true!

Amazon Astro: and Alexa became a robot ...

Its code name Vest had caused much ink to flow, the long-awaited domestic robot is now here and it is finally called Amazon Astro.

Designed to be user-friendly, with expressive eyes and body movements that respond to user interaction, Astro is equipped with a rotating screen mounted on a base with wheels.

"I have had this robot at home for about a year and it does wonderful things"

« I have had this robot in my house for about a year and it does wonderful things“Said David Limp, vice president ofAmazon Devices & Services. Able to move from one room to another on his own, Astro knows how to get around objects on the ground or brake to avoid hitting obstacles or a pet he meets in his path.

Better yet, a periscope camera fixed in its center allows it to see objects in height and at 360 degrees! It therefore perfectly meets the expectations we had ...

Astro is obviously on board Alexa, its artificial intelligence, which allows you to set and send reminders, to have fun with TV shows or podcasts, and of course to control your smart home devices ...

At the moment of a pregnant Amazon Echo, this robot responds to voice commands and also has safety and security functions. In short, it is Alexa with wheels!

A robot for your safety thanks to Ring and Alexa Guard

Thanks to an integration with the Ring security subsidiary, Amazon Astro is able to independently patrol your home while you are away. It can thus alert you to any potential intruders and obviously uses technology Alexa Guard that can detect broken glass, fire alarms, and much more ...

For those who are concerned about privacy, Amazon clarified that the camera, microphone and motion sensors can obviously be deactivated by simply pressing a button. Users will also be able to designate “out of bounds areas” and prohibit certain parts from Astro.

For the moment reserved for the American market via the Day One program, Amazon Astro will eventually cost $ 1499,99 but will be accessible at only $ 999,99 for the lucky first. The e-merchant has not revealed an effective release date for his robot, but has nevertheless specified that the invitations will be sent by the end of the year… We await ours with the greatest impatience.

Introducing Amazon Astro, Household Robot for Home Monitoring, with Alexa, Includes 6-month Free Trial of Ring Protect Pro

July 6, 2022 10:18 a.m.

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