Amazon Alexa : white design and dark mode for the application

Surprise, the application Amazon Alexa just changed its appearance! Indeed, if you are an iPhone user, you will surely have noticed a major change in the design, the application now taking on either a White color a "Dark mode« . Exit the dark blue that has dressed the application of the voice assistant for years, instead of white or black depending on the mode of your smartphone.

The application Alexa adorns itself in white ... or black!

Sometimes criticized by users, the dominant color of the application Amazon Alexa just changed on iOS. Coming soon on Android if we are to believe the loading screen has also gone black, there are now two variations that are available: white or black.

Unfortunately, it seems for the time being cannot choose a fixed color, or even to find this dark blue that many appreciated despite everything, the application copying the theme used on the smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, this possibility of using a clear interface should satisfy many members of our Facebook group dedicated to Alexa who sometimes complained about the overly austere appearance of their favorite app. Those who prefer black will only have to switch to " dark mode "!

Thanks to Mickaël for his video capture taken on iOS:


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