Amazon add new sound detections to Alexa

Appeared a few months ago, the functionality of sound detection by Alexa has just been enriched by Amazon which offers his assistant the possibility of detect flowing water or to recognize device beeps. What's the point? This is what we will see!

Alexa detects device beeps

Amazon has just announced the arrival, in the United States only for the moment, of new detections of abnormal sounds in the app Alexa. The first, the most useful in our opinion, allows you to detect device beeps.

What's the point? Well, it's very simple, you can for example create a routine Alexa that sends you a notification when your washing machine beeps to indicate that your laundry is finished. It is obviously also possible to opt for an announcement or an alert on your speakers Amazon Echo, or even flash a connected bulb or switch off the machine using a connected socket.

Si Amazon gives the example of a washing machine, it is quite possible to use this capacityAlexa with an oven, air fryer, or any device that emits beeps. Convenient, isn't it?

In our case, our rotary heat oven emitting beeps for almost 10 minutes once the cooking is finished, we chose to be alerted when it sounds for 5 minutes.

Flowing water detection

The second added sound is a bit funnier, but if you have kids you've probably already had the problem of finding unclosed faucets.

Thanks to Alexa, you will now be able to prevent you from forgetting your charming blond heads by creating a flowing water detection routine. When your assistant hears the sound of water flowing from a tap for too long, she will be able to warn you so that you can intervene as quickly as possible.

For example, if your children forget to turn off the bathroom sink faucet after brushing their teeth with the skill Toothbrush timer, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or a voice alert on your speakers Amazon Echo.

Learn more about detecting abnormal sounds with Alexa, see our dedicated article:

Amazon adds sound detection routines to Alexa

Compatibility and availability

Which speakers are compatible? Well, it's simple: all of them! Alexa operating in the cloud, the entire range Amazon Echo is indeed compatible with this novelty which is available since December 4, 2021 in France ...

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