Alexa Transit: public transport networks soon available

After more than a year of testing with users in select US cities, Amazon just announced the rollout of the feature Alexa Transit which allows users of its voice assistant to consult the public transport routes from their devices Amazon Echo. A novelty that should even arrive in Europe in 2022…

Alexa Transit helps you plan your trips

Building on its success with users living in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Newark, Alexa Transit is now available nationwide. Designed to facilitate the use of public transport, this new feature aims to simplify the public transport navigation to or from home, work or other destinations.

Alexa can help you navigate to places of interest and provide you with information on the best bus or train routes to get there. Once your default ride type is set in the app Alexa, you can say « Alexa, how can I get to Place de la Concorde? » ou « Alexa, give me directions to 114 avenue des Champs-Elysées”. Your favorite voice assistant will then determine your location and provide turn-by-turn directions to your chosen destination.

You can also request directions to a destination by public transport, for example: « Alexa, how can I get to the Louvre Museum by public transport? » without even having to define the mode of public transport.

Public transport traffic live on Alexa

Alexa can also help you determine when to leave your home by providing you with real time updates on traffic. You just have to say « Alexa, what is the traffic situation on the RER A line? », « Alexa, what is the status of line 91? » ou « Alexa, when is the next train to Montparnasse station? ".

Amazon promises that this is just the start of the feature Alexa Transit which will be called upon to evolve over time and according to customer feedback and the progress of its voice assistant. We think in particular of the famous hunches ofAlexa which could allow it to alert you without you having to consult it in the event of disruptions on your daily work journey.

Kenneth Louie, Senior Product Manager ofAlexa Navigation, specifies in a press release that “the state function of transits is constructed usingAmazon OpenSearch Service, which allows Alexa to evolve. This feature will be available in countries like the UK and Germany later in 2022”.

At Les Alexiens, we can't wait to see this!

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