Alexa : new “connected home” favorites in the app

Alexa is constantly evolving and offering us new features to better manage our connected homes. Today, new very practical “connected home” favorites have just appeared in the tab Appareils of the application Alexa. Like those found on the Apple Home application or even Homey, these little buttons give you quick access to your favorite home automation devices ...

Favorites to more easily manage your connected home

Without big announcement, this is a novelty that will delight more than one user controlling his home automation with Alexa : The "connected home" favorites. You'll find out by opening your app and going to Devices. Taking place just below the categories (Echo and Alexa, Lights, Sockets, Switches ...), these small tiles allow you to quickly access the devices you use most often.

Quick access buttons

More effective than simple shortcuts, these are real active buttons. In other words, a simple press is enough, for example, to turn off or turn on a light, such as those offered for example on Apple's Home applications and Homey. To access the full settings of the device, simply click on the three small dots located at the bottom right of each pad.

In our example below, you will see that it is thus possible to see at a glance the temperature of our Netatmo thermostat or our connected thermometers, to access the camera of our Echo Show 10, control connected sockets and bulbs, and much more ...

Customizable favorites

When you open your app, a number of "connected home" favorites are already selected, but you can obviously choose yours.

Choose them only, because unfortunately it is not yet possible to organize them using a simple " drag & drop »(Drag and drop). It's a bit of a shame, but while waiting for a next update, you can think in advance about the layout that suits you and select your favorites in the order you want ...

Improved management of the connected home

All users of the voice assistant will agree, Alexa occupies a central place in our connected homes. Amazon understood it well and intends to make its new Echo Show 15 the nerve center of the latter by offering a Dashboard Smart Home allowing us to quickly control all our connected objects.

A system familiar to users of home automation software such as Home Assistant or Jeedom, but it is not always easy to implement. With Alexa, it is simplicity that prevails so that everyone can easily control their connected home, even if obviously the voice assistant can not yet do as much as the latter ... A little patience, it will end up being one day the case, no doubt!

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