Alexa board the electric FIAT 500!

It was already undoubtedly the favorite car of the fairer sex, it is now also that of our favorite voice assistant… The Fiat 500! As revealed today by our colleagues from theClean Automotive, it is indeed in the whole new electric version of the most emblematic of its models that the Italian manufacturer - soon to be a little French by the way - has decided to take on board the most sympathetic of voice assistants: Amazon Alexa !

Fiat 500: Alexa integrated into the Uconnect system

Fiat 500 with Alexa integratedAs in all modern cars, it is on board the infotainment system of the always sexy Fiat 500 that we will soon find the assistant ofAmazon. Perfectly integrated with Uconnect, Alexa will offer full voice control allowing you to play music, listen to the news or control other controls on board, without even having to touch the10,25 inch touch screen of the electric city car, or to add an additional device such as Auto Echo.

According to the skill recently published on the store Alexa France, only the Fiat 500 electric seems for the moment concerned by this integration, which will not fail to generate some sighs. A skill that will also allow you to control the tire pressure and door lock, to consult theremaining autonomy and send GPS destinations to the car, or to find the nearest gas station ...

Nice no? At Les Alexiens, in any case, we can't wait to see it!

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May 16, 2022 16:51 a.m.
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