Alexa embark on a trip to the moon!

No, it's not April 1st and this time it's not a joke. Alexa getting ready to embark for space and, more precisely, to the Moon. A project announced today by Amazon on the occasion of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) currently being held in Las Vegas.

Alexa getting ready to fly to the moon

In addition to the announcement of a historic partnership with Stellantis around the car connected to Alexa, Amazon has just revealed its intention to send Alexa in space as part ofArtemis I, NASA's new mission to the Moon.

« Alexa, transport me to the moon "

The voice assistant will indeed join the next mission as part of Callisto, a demonstration of technology built into the NASA Orion spacecraft and designed in collaboration with engineers fromAmazon, Lockheed Martin and Cisco.

A series of experiences Alexa to make space exploration more accessible

In parallel with the journey ofAlexa in the space, Amazon is developing a series of experiences for users of its voice assistant in order to make space exploration more accessible to students, teachers and families who wish to follow the Artemis I mission.

Artemis experiences for Alexa will be launched as the mission approaches, but a preview is already available on the blogAmazon. To get started and to set up reminders for the next mission steps, just say « Alexa, transport me to the moon ".

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