Alexa soon in Mercure hotels in France

The Accor group deploys Amazon Alexa in its Mercure hotels

« Alexa, I would like my breakfast at 7 o'clock tomorrow". No, you are not back home, but still in your hotel room. No, this Echo Show 5 at your bedside is not yours, it belongs to the establishment that hosts you. No, you are not dreaming, she is the voice assistant ofAmazon who acts as receptionist in your hotel.

The brand of the French hotel group Accor has just joined the program Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality which intends to dust off hotel reception by offering a voice service to its customers. Currently being rolled out in the United Kingdom, this new experience will soon be available in France where speakers Amazon Echo will be installed in the bedrooms of Mercure hotels. It's not just the bathrobes that risk disappearing ...

Alexa receptionist in Mercure hotels

Already launched in the United States, the program Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality is currently being deployed at the Mercure Hyde Park Hotel in London. Belonging to the French hotel heavyweight, the establishment intends to offer a voice-activated reception service based on technology. Amazon Alexa.

The voice assistant will allow hotel guests to consult the swimming pool schedules, control the lighting or air conditioning in their room, broadcast audio or video content and set alarms, or even request an intervention. staff ... In short,utiliser Alexa like at home.

Amazon adds that "lcustomers will be able to call on Alexa to order through room service, make a request to housekeeping or contact the concierge for dinner advice without even having to pick up the phone ».

Amazon Astro: the first domestic robot with Alexa !

Speaker Amazon Echo in rooms of Mercure hotels

In order to allow their customers to easily use the voice assistant, Mercure hotels will be equipped with loudspeakers Alexa. If the brand did not tell us which models were chosen, the very modern designs of Amazon Echo 4 or Echo Dot 4 should easily find their place in the rooms which will at the same time be equipped with home automation. More comfort and convenience for “guests”, but also for the establishment's teams.

« Alexa came at the perfect time to help our teams by answering many common guest questions, as well as the potential for increased room service revenue, simply through the convenience provided by Alexa to order hotel services »Testifies Edward Wilcock, director of Mercure Hyde Park in London, who specifies that "Lservice and maintenance personnel can tell Alexa when he cleaned or repaired a part, which puts imimmediately update the property management system. " This saves considerable time for the hotelier, whose rooms are now available to new customers much more quickly.

From a technical point of view, Amazon offers a complete platform for personalize the services offered by the voice assistant and able to connect to their management system. " Thanks to management APIs Alexa, you can assign devices to properties, configure them, activate skills Alexa, create a personalized customer experience through personalized skills, etc. »Explained at the beginning of August Bobby Agarwal, marketing manager ofAlexa Smart Properties, in a blog article.

Thus the Mercure brand was able to link its Hotel Cloud management software without intervention on the code, APIs for managingAlexa allowing you to control all features and manage thousands of devices very easily.

Thanks to Alexa for Hospitality, Amazon intends to impose a little more his voice assistant in our daily life, but will still have to face the competition of Google for Hospitality - note the originality of the name of the program - which intends to place its Nest Hub connected screens ...

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