Alexa : what novelties Amazon Echo should we expect?

We announced it to you last week, Amazon is organizing its hardware event of the year tonight. The opportunity for our editorial staff to come back to the rumors and leaks that have punctuated the news Alexa this year.

Amazon Echo : a 5th generation?

The question is on everyone's lips: will we be entitled to fifth-generation speakers such as a Echo 5 and an Echo Dot 5 ? Highly possible, Amazon having accustomed us to renewing the spearhead of its range almost every year, but several elements allow us all the same to doubt it.

Praised by all the specialized media, Amazon Echo 4 was undoubtedly a success. After a major stylistic overhaul, the best speaker Alexa never created could well be kept for another year and see the rest of its range endowed with a unified design.

We think in particular of Echo Flex, disappeared this summer from the shelves of the e-commerce giant, but also to Echo Studio which has not yet experienced a second generation. Likewise, a Home cinema system would not be surprising, but in this case it should be stamped Fire TV…

Moreover, like Facebook and its new Portal Go, the e-commerce giant could well offer us one or two Pregnant Amazon Echo Portable. Two models would indeed be in the boxes for several months to believe Bloomberg… Are they ready?

A new Echo Show?

If Echo Show 5 and 8 are good candidates for a stylistic overhaul, the 2021 versions that appeared earlier this year leave us in doubt. Benefiting from more powerful hardware and better cameras, the new opuses have been brought up to date quite recently. UnlessAmazon do you choose to offer different sizes? From 12 to 15 inch screens would not be refused ...

Echo Show 15: the wall shelf!

The name is not official and only comes out of our imagination, but the rumor of a wall shelf Amazon Echo intended for home automation is insistent. According to Bloomberg, who relied last May on revelations made by employees ofAmazon on condition of anonymity, a 10 or 13 inch touch screen to be fixed to the wall would be under development within Lab126.

Responding on behalf of Echo Show 15, it would obviously integrate the voice assistant and would be equipped with microphones, as well as a camera that can be used for videoconferencing, but also to monitor its home as proposed. Echo Show 10.

A highly anticipated solution that would allow users toAlexa to benefit from a real home automation control center allowing to control lights, smart locks and other devices at your fingertips.

Echo Show 15: the wall shelf Alexa becomes reality!

Echo Auto 2nd generation

We have little information on this, but here too Bloomberg mentions a Echo Auto 2nd generation (2021) with " a new design " and an " inductive technology". It is of the order of the possible, because if the first Echo Auto was able to find its customers, many criticize it for being not very aesthetic or even too limited.

Fire TV: still new?

  • Fire TV Cube 4K + : we obviously have no idea what its real name is, but we'll call it Fire TV Cube 4+. Indeed, the current version already showing two years on the clock, a 3rd Generation Fire TV Cube could well see the light of day this year… One can imagine more power, a better speaker for Alexa, and why not a new design ...
  • Fire TV sound bar: just like the TCL TS8011 Fire TV Edition, or the Nebula Soundbar, Amazon could also choose to offer this year a Fire TV sound bar with Alexa under its own brand.
Amazon Fire TV: Omni Series and 4-Series TVs available!

Amazon Astro: the robot Alexa

Chimera of usersAlexa, the robot with the code name Vest ended up being unveiled this year? Since the project was already in the final prototyping phase a few months ago, this did not surprise us. Directly led by Gregg Zehr, the chairman of the Lab126, it would bring together a team of no less than 800 people, proof of the importance that this extraordinary new product has for the company founded by Jeff Bezos ...

De "the size of two small cats" according to two employees involved in the project, Amazon Astro would be between 25 and 30 centimeters wide and would have a touch screen with multiple cameras and microphones.

Qualified for “Fire tablet mounted on wheels” having the ability to move around the house via voice commands, Amazon Vesta could measure temperature, humidity or air quality home and should be equipped with security technology to detect intrusions or fires. Features that are reminiscent of the Alexa Guard.

Finally, a small compartment would allow the robot to carry objects and a telescopic camera could be deployed like a periscope to, for example, help the user to find his keys or his wallet.

Amazon Astro: the first domestic robot with Alexa !

Ring: new features and new products expected

Finally, it is on the side of Ring that should be announced. Although the company owned by Amazon announced last year an astonishing Ring always home cam, which still has not arrived on the market, it could be that a more successful final version will be offered for sale this year.

Ring Always Home Cam: an amazing indoor drone

The security subsidiary should finally announce technological innovations, based on artificial intelligence, which should improve its current range and benefit all those already in possession of cameras or Ring bells ... We are thinking in particular of the detection of packages or other functionalities. which have just appeared on the new Nest Doorbell and which the e-commerce giant has long been talking about ...

While waiting for the official announcements ofAmazon, the editorial staff remains on the lookout for the latest news Alexa and invites you to react to this news on its Facebook group dedicated to Alexa.
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