Alarms & Cameras: good back-to-school security plans

Feeling safe is priceless! A real pillar of home automation, home security today goes through connected objects. Able to notify you in seconds on your smartphone, the connected alarms and video surveillance cameras are now more affordable than ever ...

Amazon Echo / Fire TV: back-to-school offers!

Ring: connected alarm and surveillance cameras

Our Ring Alarm V2 test proved it to us, it is the most complete and relevant security solution for users of the voice assistant ofAmazon. Just say « Alexa, I leave " and your home is secure!

Easy to install alone, this kit includes everything you need to get started: a base, a numeric keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector and a range extender. You can even add a Outdoor Siren Ring and 3G cellular connectivity with an assisted surveillance service if necessary (optional at 10 € / month).

Ring Alarm V2: a versatile and adaptive security kit

Do you like the alarm? You will love the Ring cameras ! Working in conjunction with the latter, they are obviously fully compatible with your Echo Show connected screens.

More than connected doorbells, Ring Video Doorbells are also great cameras for monitoring your landing. Capable of detect movements and equipped with night vision, they stand guard in front of your house. Best of all, they can even automatically trigger your Echo Show!

Ring Video Doorbell (2020): the top at a great price

Blink: the compact and inexpensive solution

Small in size, but big in possibilities, Blink cameras are the solution of choice.

Blink Indoor test (2020): Amazon offers a facelift to its indoor camera

Arlo, EzVIZ, eufy: effective alternatives

Offering effective solutions at low prices, eufy is a brand that should not be overlooked. The same goes for EzViz, the consumer subsidiary of HikVision offers interesting products. As for Arlo, is it necessary to introduce it to you?

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