Airstream eStream: an electric and connected caravan with Alexa

Who does not know Airstream ? Although not very widespread in our European countries, the caravans of the brand are known to all for their aluminum bodies and their recognizable designs among all. Almost a century after the very first model, the American manufacturer took advantage of CES 2022 to present its new concept Airstream eStream, the electric caravan connected with Alexa, the voice assistant ofAmazon.

eStream, the first electric caravan

Unlike a campervan, a caravan is not supposed to have a motor, as it is usually towed by a large sedan or SUV, but Airstream has chosen to break the codes by integrating electric motors into its future model.

Caravan Airstream eStream is in fact endowed with two electric motors developing no less than 242 horses. Powered by a 80 kWh battery, they make it possible to assist the towing vehicle. Knowing that it will probably also be electric in the future, the idea seems excellent in order to preserve its autonomy.

If all this sounds dangerous to you, rest assured, the American recreational vehicle designer has thought of everything and its eStream caravan obviously comes with a traction sensor to be placed on the towing vehicle. "The technology we co-developed (with ZF) creates a synchronized relationship between the trailer and the tow vehicle, allowing the trailer to move in harmony with the tow vehicle, reducing the required pulling effect of the towing vehicle » explains the manufacturer.

Capable of analyzing accelerations, pick-up and detecting slowdowns, the system allows the caravan to no longer be a burden for the tractor, but also to supply electricity to this real Smart Home on wheels...


A connected caravan

In its promotional video, Airstream unveils other on-board technologies. Like our Smart Homes, the Airstream eStream is indeed a connected caravan controlled by voice thanks to Alexa !

“a connected caravan that can be controlled by voice thanks to Alexa ! "

The voice assistant ofAmazon makes it possible in particular to control connected lights on board the vehicle, to watch television via Fire TV, to know the state of charge of the battery using simple voice commands, or to plan their journeys using a dedicated application.

Although still a concept, it is very likely that Airstream will decide to market its eStream caravan soon. It remains to know the price which, as for the high-end models of the brand, could well display six figures… In the meantime, you can start saving a little!

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