5 connected garlands for your Christmas tree

At a time when you connect almost everything, and sometimes even anything, the good old garland of your tree has not escaped the rule. But, you will see, some brands have been able to innovate to offer us connected objects that are out of the ordinary ... With connected garlands, your Christmas tree will never have been so beautiful!

Twinkly Strings: the Rolls of the Christmas tree garland

Twinkly Philips Hue is a little to the garland to the connected light bulb: the Rolls. It must be said that the Twinkly connected garlands offer multitudes of LEDs to amaze you.

La 2nd Generation Twinkly Strings offers a unique application allowing you to create sublime animations on your Christmas tree.

Thanks to its patented system, a simple photo taken with your smartphone allows the application to detect the LEDs which can be easily controlled. Select your favorite animations in the app or create your own and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas!

Controlled by voice with Alexa and Google Home, HomeKit and Homey compatible, Twinkly Strings garlands can be used both indoors and outdoors. A must have!

Note, the first generation of Twinkly Strings saw its price drop. Unlike the new one, it is controlled via the app Razer Chroma well known to gamers., and is currently at much more affordable prices.

Which size of Twinkly garland to choose? This obviously depends on the size of your tree. We recommend a string of 100 LEDs (12 meters) for trees up to 150 cm, 250 LEDs (20 meters) for those up to 180 cm and 400 LEDs (32 meters) beyond.

Woox R5151: an economical Wi-Fi garland

Create a wonderful holiday season feel with this LED string light from 300 lumens over 20 meters long with adjustment of brightness and white temperature ranging from bright cold white to romantic warm white. It is easily controlled via the free Woox application on the Tuya platform and with voice commands Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

La Woox R5151 offers 8 preset programs: Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slow Glow, Color Shift, Slow Fade, Flicker and Constant Flash. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, on a tree or on the front of your house.

The Woox R5151 Wi-Fi garland is available at only € 29.99 at Domadoo and is compatible with the famous Tuya / Smart Life.

Yunlights: add color to your tree

Don't want to ruin yourself in a garland? We can understand it! Thanks to that connected garland Tuya compatible / Smart Life, you can add color to your tree without spending a fortune. Controllable by voice with Alexa and Google Home, it also offers a integrated rhythm sensor allowing you to make the LEDs "dance" to the beat of the music.

The Yunlights connected garland is currently at 24.99 € with coupon from 3 € to be checked on Amazon.com.

Guirled: connected Christmas balls

What if we put a little roundness? With Guirled, your connected garland also acts as luminous christmas balls. Available in 16/24 or 32 ball version, they are reusable all year round and French brand also offers assorted colors for all tastes.

Guirled test: Tuya compatible electric garland / Smart Life

Orbecco: a Tuya garland / Smart Life

Orbecco also offers a chain of light made of leather thread and plastic beads with a protection index is IP65 which allows it to be used indoors and outdoors. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it offers 4 modes and thanks to its controller equipped with a high sensitivity microphone, it is able to light up in rhythm with the music.

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