11.11: Zemismart sell off his home automation for November 11

If in France, the 11th November is a holiday to commemorate the end of the First World War, in China it is an exceptional shopping day that is often compared to Black Friday western. All Chinese e-commerce sites participate in it and, as such, the brand Earthsmart which we often speak to you offers a large number of offers on its connected objects. What to start or improve your home automation at broken prices!

Connected lighting: bright ideas

It is often through this that many of us discover home automation and the possibility of voice control of objects. Zemismart offers many lighting devices, some of which we were able to present to you.

Triangular panels

They are ideal for a slightly empty wall decoration while providing light. Those Smart Light Panels are to be ordered in multiples of 3.

Connected alarm clock with dawn simulator

Nothing better to start the day well than to wake up gently with the Smart Wake up light 

Connected table lamp

La Zemi connected night lightsmart is perfect for a child's room to avoid fear of the dark

Connected LED strip

It is one of the great classics when you equip yourself with connected lighting. Having an LED strip and Illuminating a room, a kitchen unit underside, a library and being able to change the colors by voice thanks to the voice assistants .. the dream isn't it? Watch our Zemi LED strip testsmart RGBW or the one of the ribbon controller

Connected light bulbs

Lamps and lights

Connected switches

There are many varieties of switches: 1 gang, 2 gang etc ... with or without neutral ... WI-FI or ZigBee (or a hub is necessary) all situations are possible and considered ... even wireless.

Zemi Wireless ZigBee Switch Reviewsmart

We also liked Zemi's ZigBee switch without neutralsmart

But also:

Connected switches for roller shutters

Be able to remotely control its rolling shutters becomes after the lights and taken a priority to automate his house.

ZigBee and IR Hubs

If you are getting started in home automation, believe us, you absolutely need at least one hub! Those of Zemismart are very good, as evidenced by our tests of the Earthsmart Mini Hub and Earthsmart ZigBee Hub.

Wi-Fi and ZigBee sensors

Essential in a connected home, sensors allow you to improve your comfort and create many home automation scenarios ...

Our opinion on the Zemismart DW Sensor: a door opening sensor

Thermostat: comfort at a low price

Security: cameras and connected locks

Various connected objects

Our test of the Zemi connected sprinkler systemsmart

We also tested the SOS button

Learn more about the Zemi temperature sensorsmart ZigBee

Additional codes depending on the amount of your basket

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